A classic ring form the collection I MITI

Inspiration came from a nuragic holy well I knew since childhood and the Latin American islands, Isla del Sol y de la Luna in Bolivia, which I came to see much later in 2010. Both sites built by ancient native people which praised the sun and the moon (it. il sole e la luna). The sites have a special kind of atmosphere.


Collection 2014 - I Miti image goes all around the ring. I basically recommend to wear this ring on middle or forefinger for ease and mobility. In case of doubts, try to find a similar shape of ring of yours and measure it's inside diameter. Returns are possible within 7 days of receipt.


• ±18MM DIAMETER (US SIZE: ±7 - Italian/Swiss SIZE ± 15)

• other sizes please check http://findmyringsize.com/it/conversiontable.aspx


• in SILVER or nickel free BRONZE

• FOR GOLD VERSION contact us by email

• Each ring is handmade in Italy with delicate care and love.


Thank you for watching and sharing my work by mentioning the author ©

Anello Sole & Luna