La bague sable, is litteraly a sand ring, marked by hammerings and little holes. I did three now. But you can choose how many holes shall mark your ring. Usually, they come set with precious stones and diamonds. However, I like them hollow, no gap to be filled. A quantum of light came through.

Collection Rabbia 2017
Italian ring size 17, US 7.75 - inner diameter 18 MM

Yellow bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin. It is subject to a natural, non-toxic oxidation process called patina. It can be cleaned with natural soap, water, lemon and baking soda.
For individual solutions and other materials, please contact me through a private message.

Signed and unique. It comes in a nice paper package with the brand image.

Each ring is handmade in Italy with delicate care and love. Thank you for watching and sharing my work by mentioning the author ©

La bague sable