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Please, share works by referencing to or #IngressoArtisti. Thank you!

Production process

  • Entirely hand-made: from ideation on paper & pen to construction performed by Raffaela, to casting in Rome in collaboration with experienced studios. 

  • Born & raised in Europe, constantly traveling between North and South, I came to see various cultures and to keep things simple but durable.

  • I use only all silver, all bronze or all gold. No plated versions.  Quality test of time encompasses +5 years now.



Each item is designed by Raffaela and produced small-scale in Europe.

I adopt an environmentally friendly policy by minimizing waste - producing on demand and using no plastic packaging,

For gold, I prefer recycling gold teeth and your ex' wedding band.


  • Collection n° 1 is called MUTABOR and was born in Paris-Zurich-Rome in 2015

  • The latest jewelry collection is called ULISSE, LEI and has been published during the COVID-19 pandemic as a book.

  • The latest print collection is called THE LAST COFFEE BEFORE THE BOARDER and has been exhibited in Zurich in 2017.

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