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Good artists copy, great artists steal - o scegli l'originale?

In April 2016 a burglar stole many of my very first jewels, which were not very valuable, because bronze exercises, but personally they meant a lot to me. In October of the same year a friend, now not so friend anymore started to publish her work on sea urchins which seemed to have been highly inspired by some rings I did for a common friend (photo 2) and finally by the end of the year I discovered that a shop-owner from Zurich gave instructions to replicate designs in Ghana which looked like 'Il filo di Arianna' (photo1).

There is no doubt, I've been inspired by other's work too, and I too tried to replicated other inventions I've seen, but through my work I try to teach and show how to copy/steal/or get inspired. For me, this means that one step before publishing your work officially, one should ask himself some questions and reflect upon the influence of your work and the relationship with the one you got inspired from: Is my font already well established or is it vulnerable? Do I want to involve my font of inspiration or is a self-promo action?

You can try to copy and steal ideas, but you will never get to the soul of a handmade object. That's why I've turned away from publishing my work on facebook, on contrary, I'll invite to visit, criticize and get in touch with me by phone or personally, because you like me as a human being and living artist, with my past, my present and possibly also a future.

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